Monday, February 27, 2012

Cons,Movies and Deals

Over the last week and a half I have met a Timelord, A Man sent back from the future to fight an unstoppable mechanical menace, A Commander of a Space Station and a Telepath.  None of this could prepare me for what was to come. I should've been prepared, I knew it was coming. After all I had struck a deal , I shook on it, swore I would uphold my side of the bargain....was I a fool to think it was going away, that it was going to fade into obscurity? I'm going to go with Yes.

             Let me take you back about a year and a half, I had received a gift , A Box set of epic proportions .Battlestar Galactica in all its Frakking glory , and I was determined to get My lovely Wife Irene to sit down and watch it with me. I asked nicely I was shot down , I pleaded I was shot down, I offered baked goods I was shot down . Then a sly grin appeared on my Wife's face, a glint  in her large blue eyes. She proposed a compromise , a deal of sorts. She would watch Battlestar Galactica from start to finish , but I had to watch something of her choosing without a grumble or a gripe. I foolishly saw this as a victory and took the offer with reckless abandon . That was until Sunday last week, Myself and Irene had gone to the cinema to see a Special screening of The Goonies , We were in the Pub afterwards and Irene decided that now was the time to spring her well matured trap. I was like Indiana Jones miraculously surviving the few obstacles at the beginning of Raiders , but instead of seeing the Boulder come crashing towards me and deftly out running it , a good year and some change later I was about to get run over. The Series I agreed to view from start to finish and its two follow up movies as well .....

     ...........Sex in The City.

Now I know What you're thinking....

                                          (Yes this is a none to subtle Sarah Jessica Parker Jibe)

  But My good Friend Graham Doyle softened this blow for me. He suggested that I use this opportunity to record a unique view on what a lot of guys consider to be a no go area. And yes I do see the slight irony that i will be posting the odd Blog post about a shoe obsessed Shergar impersonator who spends most of her time blogging or writing an article about the female condition .

 Currently Myself and Irene are finishing up our run through Aaron Sorkins excellent The West Wing. We are currently on Season 6 and with only one season to go Irene is dusting off her Sex in the City box set and two Movie collection , every now and again I swear I hear a quiet cackle while she does so. Once Bartlett has finished his second term in the White house my reprieve will be over and I will thrown head first into the world of Carrie Bradshaw and her three sex craved friends. Here's hoping I can liquor myself up good and proper to dull the pain.





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